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Sweet story here from Georgia, USA recounted in the Monticello News:

A cousin of mine, Larry Lynch, was in college with a young man from deep south Georgia in the “piney woods” section of our state. The young man told of the death of his grandfather several years back. When grandfather died the neighbors came over and prepared the body for burying.

This took quite a bit of time as he was dressed in a fresh pair of overalls. The family suddenly realized that they didn’t even have one picture of grandpa for future viewing so the boys took grandpa off the cooling board and sat him in his favorite rocking chair for a picture with all the grandchildren around him and in his lap. More pictures were later taken with the other grown children.

This all took longer than expected so when they lifted grandpa to place him in his wooden coffin they had difficulty laying him down flat since too much time had elapsed.

They had one son “Tiny,” who weighed nearly 300 pounds, to sit on the coffin top as the others nailed it in place. This completely solved the problem. All went well at the funeral and all the pictures came out real good.

Now don’t you forget to get all your family pictures made early.

Read the whole article here.


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