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A waft of spring gets the blood coursing, makes your toes wiggle. It’s time to peep out of the burrow and see what’s up.

I’ll tell you what’s up. Transitus is having a get together at Bowden House just outside Totnes. It’ll take a full three hours to get there, but it’s M5 almost all the way. For us benighted Midlanders the M5 is our holiday motorway, our yellow brick road. I’m going to throw the dogs in the car and vroom happily down. There’ll definitely be a wizard or two at journey’s end.

There’s been an abatement of activity among funeral radicals since the Natural Death Centre abated. Transitus is the only group I know which brings together vanguard thinkers and practitioners. Its membership is a mosaic. Some I know, others I have yet to meet. I can’t wait.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

The Network comprises a growing group of people working in a way that honours all aspects
of life – mind, body, spirit and emotions – that are involved with the sacred process of dying.
Our aims are: to release fears and taboos; support those dying and bereaved; raise awareness of ‘green’ and family based approaches to death; and to encourage the acceptance of the concept of continuity of consciousness. The Network also supports its members so that none of us feels alone. Members include those working with: palliative care nursing, midwifing the soul; music thanatology; alternative funerals and celebrations; natural burials; grief counselling; life after death; related workshops; and more.

They don’t have website yet, but you can learn more and make contact through the Martinsey Trust. If you think they’re for you, join.

See you there!

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