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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Death makeup offered by Illamasqua in partnership with Levertons

Posted by Charles Cowling


What is the well dressed corpse wearing? Clothes which co-decompose:


Aussie undertakers strategise for the future. Better experience, better service. Full marks.


Music therapy for the dying. Touching.


Queenslanders urged to employ industry regulator to weed out “rouge [sic] or ‘cowboy’ operators.”


From the US: “for-profit health chains are cynically exploiting this model to fill their own pockets.” Beware, UK!


Check out Dignity’s projected price increase for funerals in the UK. Complete cobblers?


Exploding funeral pyre injures 20 –


MakingAnExit Sarah Murray RT by GoodFunerals

When I’m dead and “green” – a look at the options for a more environmentally friendly exit:


Spend some time in the mind of an old-school undertaker. It may creep you out –


‘Abuse of a corpse.’ There’s such a ring to that. Could you be done for this in the UK?


Germans are being cremated in Holland – cheaper + more respectful. Great piece here:


Deer wake up and smell the roses at Salisbury crem –


Graphic pics of drug wars on the Mexico-US border –


‘The scraped were condemned to topical infirmary with non-life threatening injuries’ –


What use funerals when people say things like “The loss is incalculable. It will not kick in until after the funeral”?


GoodFunerals Charles Cowling 

Corpse makeup the next big thing, say fashionistas.


C of E dead set on raising minister fee to £150. Great news for secular celebrants –


The priciest funeral homes in Vermont are owned by… SCI, surprise surprise. These corps are so crap –


Natural burial ground ran out of money, dammit! sustainability issues soon haunt others?


Spice up your sex life: do it in a funeral home –


Celebration of life planned for dead elm –


Bristol council publishes zombie attack contingency plan –


You’ve got to feel sorry for these people. 1st the vile Co-op buys their crem, now it wants to close down their post office


More on bespoke deathwear which co-decomposes –


Boomers, a stuffed bear and the hyper-personalised funeral –


Oh dear, the C of E has thrown out the proposed fee increase for funerals –


Taiwan funeral strippers, lower gods and the heat and noise factor –

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    More on Illamasqua here It seems to be capturing imaginations…

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