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Death makeup offered by Illamasqua in partnership with Levertons

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What is the well dressed corpse wearing? Clothes which co-decompose: http://bit.ly/jOJlxm


Aussie undertakers strategise for the future. Better experience, better service. Full marks. http://bit.ly/m8t88b


Music therapy for the dying. Touching. http://nyti.ms/mzIjDW


Queenslanders urged to employ industry regulator to weed out “rouge [sic] or ‘cowboy’ operators.” http://bit.ly/leMNWF


From the US: “for-profit health chains are cynically exploiting this model to fill their own pockets.” Beware, UK! http://nyti.ms/lr4CW3


Check out Dignity’s projected price increase for funerals in the UK. Complete cobblers? http://tgr.ph/mJOZeo


Exploding funeral pyre injures 20 – http://bit.ly/jcDxnx


MakingAnExit Sarah Murray RT by GoodFunerals

When I’m dead and “green” – a look at the options for a more environmentally friendly exit: bit.ly/qnDsR1


Spend some time in the mind of an old-school undertaker. It may creep you out – http://tinyurl.com/6khd6ns


‘Abuse of a corpse.’ There’s such a ring to that. Could you be done for this in the UK? http://bit.ly/rgZ1dK


Germans are being cremated in Holland – cheaper + more respectful. Great piece here: http://bit.ly/pomDrH


Deer wake up and smell the roses at Salisbury crem –http://bit.ly/nTh0Tj


Graphic pics of drug wars on the Mexico-US border –http://bit.ly/p3GKO9


‘The scraped were condemned to topical infirmary with non-life threatening injuries’ – http://bit.ly/oc2YiS


What use funerals when people say things like “The loss is incalculable. It will not kick in until after the funeral”?http://bit.ly/pCKHR9


GoodFunerals Charles Cowling 

Corpse makeup the next big thing, say fashionistas. http://bit.ly/nKg1FL


C of E dead set on raising minister fee to £150. Great news for secular celebrants – http://reut.rs/n1ziPK


The priciest funeral homes in Vermont are owned by… SCI, surprise surprise. These corps are so crap – http://bit.ly/puahxc


Natural burial ground ran out of money, dammit! http://bit.ly/q1c9MbWill sustainability issues soon haunt others?


Spice up your sex life: do it in a funeral home – http://bit.ly/nOygTU


Celebration of life planned for dead elm – http://bit.ly/qdyYN1


Bristol council publishes zombie attack contingency plan –http://bit.ly/iw3EAL


You’ve got to feel sorry for these people. 1st the vile Co-op buys their crem, now it wants to close down their post office http://bit.ly/rdk48J


More on bespoke deathwear which co-decomposes –http://ind.pn/od4Bzc


Boomers, a stuffed bear and the hyper-personalised funeral –http://bit.ly/nann4A


Oh dear, the C of E has thrown out the proposed fee increase for funerals – http://tgr.ph/rlxsLB


Taiwan funeral strippers, lower gods and the heat and noise factor –http://on.io9.com/qNyC5l

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