Marketing people, please read!

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Fran Hall


Our good friends at Life. Death. Whatever. have written a brilliant piece today about the current shock / horror media coverage of the advertising campaign for a funeral price comparison website that was rejected by Transport for London because of the potentially offensive nature of the adverts.

Read it here.

We echo everything said in the piece, and by Louise in her interview this morning on the BBC World Service ‘World Update’ programme – listen here (starts at 48.25)


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Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor
5 years ago

I’d say you can seldom be prepared for a death in the family, but you can be equipped for it if you talk about it before you’ve got the (contrived) urgency of a dead body on your hands. What Strang fails to mention here is that the only thing you actually NEED a funeral director for is a fridge… Why? Because the only available mortuaries are those of funeral directors. How about a chain of ‘People’s Mortuaries’, with no commercial firm’s interest involved, where you can receive impartial funeral information? We always used to do this for ourselves; funeral directors… Read more »


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