And here (belatedly) are the details from that Dignity report

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Fran Hall

Yesterday we wrote about the media coverage of Dignity’s findings in their research ‘Time to Talk About Quality and Standards’ and our thoughts about this.

Before writing, we spent some time looking for the full report online, unsuccessfully.

Last night, Dignity kindly sent us a link to the full report which can now be found here.

Plus assurances, which we have absolutely no reason to doubt, that the research was thorough and independently conducted.

A piece also appeared yesterday in the News and Media section of the Dignity Corporate website with the corresponding press release that had been picked up by the Daily Mail and the Guardian in previous days and informed their articles – see it here

It seems that the PR department at Dignity works 7 days a week – and also keeps a close eye on the GFG blog at weekends. 

We have thanked them for furnishing us with the full report and are glad to see it now in the public domain.

PS Were GFG blog readers aware that apparently ‘Consumers expect the cars FDs use to be Jaguars, Mercedes or Daimlers and to be  2 – 5 years old’? No, us neither.


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Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor
5 years ago

‘The problem with funerals is not that they cost too much, but that they cost at all. The funeral that communities used to provide for themselves has been stolen, and then sold back to then at a price. We are now so used to this that all we can complain about is the cost at which it is sold back!’
(Professor Tony Walter: Funerals and How to Improve Them, 1990)