The riddle of the Sage

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Fans and followers of the egregious Richard Sage aka Mark Kerby will be pleased to know that, since his release from prison, he has been living in straitened circumstances in Westcliff-on-Sea. In case you had forgotten, he was jailed for fraud. Only after he had been banged up did it become apparent that money handed over for prepaid funerals was missing.

He has now been summoned to answer 3 charges of fraud (details not known to us) at Basildon Crown Court in a hearing slated for 4-8 December 2017.

A little bit of adversity never dimmed the spirit of our exponent of worst practice in funeral service. The world may be against him but his dreams live on. Our spy on the spot, to whom we pay thanks, informs us that he has advanced plans to open up a funeral home in Westcliff. He is currently banned from holding any directorships. We think we have the name of the person under whose flag he will fly, together with the name and the address of the premises he will occupy, but we have been unable to verify these in a watertight way so we’ll keep mum for now.

As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know.

In addition to our own back catalogue on Mr Sage/Kerby, you may be interested in this.


  1. Charles

    Trinity Funeral homes has apparently started trading and has a Funeral Home Manager who goes by the name of Sabri Adnani. As usual our friend has again succumbed to illness so his currant court proceedings are delayed. We have spies everywhere.

  2. Charles

    Richard Sage AKA Mark Kerby is trading has a funeral director at Trinity Funeral Homes in West cliff on Sea. Up to date he is conning clients and creditors, He shouldn’t be trading as a funeral director at all, he was at court only a few weeks ago, he claims he has turned over a new leaf, this he has not. This man has no compassion at all, he is rude and arrogant, and should not be allowed to trade.

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