Lifetime Achievement Award

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Fran Hall


Josefine Speyer, wife of the late Nicholas Albery and co-founder and patron of The Natural Death Centre Charity


“Despite the list of contenders for this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award being jam packed with luminaries from the death world, the judges were unanimous in their decision that this year the award would be given in recognition of a visionary pioneer, the architect of social change, without whom the Good Funeral Awards would probably never have come into being.

In appreciation of his memory, and in tribute to those dedicated individuals who continue to fulfil his dream 25 years on, the judges humbly, and gratefully, and with the greatest of pleasure announce that the Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 goes to the late Nicholas Albery and the Natural Death Centre charity.”




  1. Fran Hall

    It’s amazing! I did not see this coming! Maybe I should have. Sorry I did not say anything. I was so emotional and speechless. If I had had my wits about me, I would have said what a fantastic experience it is to see everyone come together like this in one room, and for these awards. It would not have been possible 25 years ago! Nicholas Albery and the Natural Death Centre have helped transform the funeral world in a good way. I am so pleased! There is still lots more work to do, in particular around funeral poverty. But what an achievement, so far!

    Thanks everyone! Nicholas would have been proud.

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