Look what’s waiting to land in your e-book library…..

Fran Hall

Adventures in Funeralworld

Fresh out of the box and ready for reading, here’s the e-book that is essential for the library of anyone with an interest in anything funereal.

Or actually anyone with an interest in life.

Enough said.

Published today.

Buy it here.


3 thoughts on “Look what’s waiting to land in your e-book library…..

  1. Fran Hall
    Susan Morris

    So looking forward to reading it. The Good Funeral Guide blog has led the UK in being informative, challenging and cutting edge.

    Fran Hall
  2. Fran Hall
    David Holmes

    Can’t wait to read it, all I have to do now is find my kindle! I still visit Waterstone’s most weekends, I prefer what I believe they still call, books.

    Fran Hall
    1. Fran Hall
      Charles Cowling

      You undertakers are just so old school, David!

      Fran Hall

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