Going for Guild

Fran Hall

Circle of friends

Hot on the heels of the unprecedented British medal success at the Rio Olympics, we think we have found a way of keeping the golden feel-good feeling going.

Over the last fortnight, like the rest of the nation,  at GFG Towers we have felt the camaraderie of sharing the joy of the British athletes as they reaped the rewards of years of hard work and dedication.

The morning after the closing ceremony, with no more ecstatic TV coverage of medal ceremonies, we bring you an opportunity to feel again that warm glow of belonging.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of The Good Funeral Guild.

Let’s get connected!



4 thoughts on “Going for Guild

  1. Fran Hall
    Andrew Rush

    Is it individuals or businesses that join? Or both?

    Have you got a chain of office yet (it seems to be obligatory for funeral associations)?

    Fran Hall
    1. Fran Hall
      Fran Hall

      Hi Drew

      It’s for individuals rather than businesses, we’re all for people connecting with each other.

      And no chain of office for me – the GFG is proudly not a funeral association so we don’t have to join the chain gang!!

      Fran Hall
  2. Fran Hall
    Jane Harris

    Keep up the great work ……..way to go ……the road is long……and challenging but full of remarkable people.

    Fran Hall

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