Is this the worst crematorium in Britain?

Fran Hall 12 Comments
Fran Hall

Every year we celebrate the best of the funeral industry with the Good Funeral Awards.  There isn’t a ‘Worst Crematorium of the Year” award but if there was such an accolade, we have a strong contender.

Introducing our readers to West London Crematorium, as photographed on Thursday 30th June 2016.

Decaying curtains, stained carpets, seating you wouldn’t want to sit on, general disrepair and so much more.

Shoddy’s a good word.  As is lazy.  So is unacceptable.  All befit the state of this crematorium.

Our question: Is this the worst crematorium in Britain?  It’s over to you.

West London Crematorium
Kensal Green, Harrow Road, London, W10 4RA
Owned and managed by the General Cemetery Company
Cost of cremation: £650

Ed’s note – we’ve contacted the General Cemetery Company and asked for a response.  We’ll keep you updated.  


  1. Fran Hall

    What would G.K. Chesterton make of this? I doubt that any thought of gateway to Paradise would come to mind…

  2. Fran Hall
    Arnold Arnold Arnold Rimmer... His head doesn't glimmer

    Lol, not enough hippy chic and cups of tea for you? Funerals are miserable, this place reflects that

    1. Fran Hall

      Perhaps it’s not about whether funerals are miserable or hippy chic, perhaps it’s about whether the owners, staff and customers feel that they are being best served there. If all funerals are miserable wouldn’t you rather be ‘miserable’ in a clean and cared for environment? Misery should not equal contempt.

  3. Fran Hall

    I look at that and see a dismal place where the staff must feel as bad as that place looks…it needs an injection of pride, appreciation and investment.

  4. Fran Hall

    I haven’t been for a couple of years, it wasn’t great then, and the entrance is confusing, parking challenging, but it seems to have deteriorated noticeably. I do recall the chapel staff were friendly.

  5. Fran Hall

    The place is a disgrace. The cost of a grave is now £12,200
    What are they doing with the income. Nobody cares anymore
    The shareholders should be ashamed

  6. Fran Hall

    I haven’t worked there for a while (fortunately) but I remember hostile staff & a lack of respect for families’ choices. And I guess because it’s well known (as Kensal Green) people keep using it.

  7. Fran Hall

    I am totally disgusted with the state of the West London crematorium and cemetery at Kensal Green. I have loved ones in both and have struggled to find graves due to the state of the grass being knee high, not only is this a health and safety issue for the vunerable and elderly, it shows a total disrespect to the deceased and their families. Shame on the people who currently claim to manage the company. It’s a total disgrace.loved ones memorials being stacked in piles with absolutely no respect for the feelings of family and friends. The crematorium is filthy, not fit to I honour the deceased.

    Bereaved people are being forced to purchase graves at enormous costs only to be faced with a lack of maintenance of the cemetery which is unacceptable, people’s should start a petition and bring this matter to the press. Anyone interested in joining a petition, please contact me to organise.

  8. Fran Hall

    Thanks to everyone who has commented and shared their experiences of West London Crematorium.

    I’m pleased to let you know that the crematorium has a new manager who is doing what he can to improve things. Whilst it’s still a work in progress, it’s not quite as bad as it was at the time of this post.

    Photo update coming soon (if they don’t throw me in the cremator!)

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