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Fran Hall

Camp Hopson bought out by Dignity Plc

“Fifth generation family business Camp Hopson & Co has sold its funeral services brand to listed group Dignity.

Camp Hopson has been trading in Berkshire for more than a century and operates a department store in Newbury.

It sold the business and assets of Camp Hopson Funerals to Dignity for an undisclosed sum in a deal led by Quercus buy cialis online with american express Corporate Finance.

It is the second Camp Hopson deal that Quercus has worked on in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the team advised the company’s board on its sale of Camp Hopson Removals to London-based Ward Thomas.”

From Insider Media

How will this play out?  Let’s take a guess.

The name remains, only the colour changes.



  1. Fran Hall

    Additionally, they have a very loyal following in Newbury (my family are from the town) they were always competitively priced for their services. I sincerely hope that this does not change.

  2. Fran Hall

    Hi Louise, we have checked Camp Hopson, and all remains unchanged for the time being. We have updated that they are a branch of Dignity, and re published. Will monitor over the coming weeks.

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