First day in the new job..

Fran Hall


So the GFG has a CEO. Who’d have thought it!

With thanks to the lovely Barbara Chalmers at Final Fling for making the announcement today – see blogpost here.

Looking forward to good times at GFG Towers as we continue celebrating the best in funeralworld while keeping a watchful eye out for the less than worthy.

Onwards and upwards!

21 thoughts on “First day in the new job..

  1. Fran Hall
    Philip Evans

    Fandabidozy. I’m so pleased for the announcement and well done to both Charles and Fran for finding a way forward. You will always get our support. Best regards to you both…..onwards & upwards. Phil, Sallie and the team at Sussex Funeral Services, Brighton.

    Fran Hall
  2. Fran Hall
    Jo Loveridge

    Fantastic news!!! Well done to Charles and Fran!!!!!!

    Fran Hall
  3. Fran Hall
    Ken West

    Congratulations Fran, and its such welcome news. Your comments in The Times article on funerals were amongst the few that were correct and sensible. Now we have the dynamic duo, the future looks rosy.

    Fran Hall
    1. Fran Hall
      James Leedam

      Ha ha – “the future looks rosy” – surely that’s the NDC

      Fran Hall
  4. Fran Hall
    Nick Willcocks

    Delighted with the announcement, looking forward to continue working together. All the very best. The team at Funeral Choice

    Fran Hall
  5. Fran Hall
    James Dunn

    Fantastic news, Charles! Chuffed to hear GFG will be continuing and congratulations to both of you! All the best, James at funeralbooker

    Fran Hall
  6. Fran Hall
    Jon Underwood

    Great news!

    Fran Hall
  7. Fran Hall
    Poppy Mardall

    Couldn’t think of a better combo. Such brilliant news! Congratulations one and all.

    Fran Hall
  8. Fran Hall
    Rob Crumpton

    So pleased to hear this news! The GFG is in good hands.

    Rob and Kate
    Crumpton Rudd Funerals

    Fran Hall
  9. Fran Hall
    Anne Barber

    Good luck Fran. Delighted to hear news and please stay in touch – not only on anything relating to funeral celebrants but also the Child Funeral Charity. Hope we catch up soon! Anne x

    Fran Hall
  10. Fran Hall

    Great collaboration and to be honest it was a damn shame to lose the GFG after all the work that went into it to create it.
    Onwards and upwards and if we can ever assist here in the Midlands just let Carrie and Fran know!

    Best of luck

    Clare and Mush (VW extraordinaires)

    Fran Hall
  11. Fran Hall
    David Holmes

    Great news, congratulations both. The future looks secure, and I look forward to future developments.

    Fran Hall
  12. Fran Hall
    Richard Putt

    Need any help down here – let me know!!

    Fran Hall
  13. Fran Hall
    Alexis sancisi

    Well done Fran! I’m sure you’ll be great.

    Fran Hall
  14. Fran Hall

    Great news, and very much liking the idea of the Good Funeral Guild – looking forward to (hopefully) becoming a member.

    Fran Hall
  15. Fran Hall
    Jennifer Uzzell

    Fantastic news! Best of luck (not that you’ll need it!)

    Fran Hall
  16. Fran Hall

    This is excellent news! So glad Charles has some help and hopefully time off every now and then!

    Fran Hall
  17. Fran Hall
    Tracy o'leary

    Congratulations to you Fran. I’m sure both you and Charles will continue to do a fantastic job !
    Love from all at Woodland Wishes, Cambridge xx

    Fran Hall
  18. Fran Hall
    Susan Morris

    oOH! ‘The Good Funeral Guide CIC’ has a new CEO. Congratulations Fran, that’s superb news. Wonderful news too that Charles has dusted off the carriage clock on the mantelpiece. From the Natural Death Centre crew

    Fran Hall

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