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Dignity’s figures are out. All going swimmingly, obviously. Mike McCollum looking good on his salary of £50K a week.

Find the report here.


  1. Charles

    If you’ve read even a small fraction of this document, Charles, your stomach’s a lot stronger than mine…. sorry, gotta dash upstai

  2. Charles

    I’m all for companies making money. As a business, I simply have to make a profit otherwise bills don’t get paid and I won’t be here another month.

    However, I find it immoral that funeral companies not only make this amount of money but can afford to pay someone £2.4 million a year for running it when there is clearly a huge problem with funeral poverty in the UK.

    I find it is the smaller companies that are offering the best value for money, but more importantly, are helping people that have little or no budget at all for a funeral.
    It is often these smaller companies that undertake work for little or no monetary profit at all, but help families because it is the right thing to do.

    While these smaller, ethical companies perhaps worry about paying their bills and in some cases even paying themselves a wage, they understand the importance of everyone having a funeral in what ever guise that may take.

    I firmly believe it is about time that larger, national companies do more to help people have a funeral for the money they can afford. It they are paying people this amount of money and making multimillion pound profits, surely they could be doing more?

  3. Charles

    Valid points. But in the end of the day it’s a free market and if the public choose to pay these prices, it’s their choice. For those who want to compare prices, there is plenty info out there on how to get maximum value.

    1. Charles

      Great minds think alike. I was going to say the same thing. It’s all about what the market can bear, what the shareholders think and what funeral consumer orgs can do to educate and empower bereaved people.

      Independent FDs can do their bit by posting their prices online together with price-comparison tables. Get em up!!

      1. Charles

        But, as they say in those exalted circles, she can’t be paid more because she doesn’t create any wealth. And I wonder, when she dies, whether her estate could afford to employ her employer to provide her with a funeral.

  4. Charles

    My observations; Looks like only one board member is actually a funeral director?

    Only a third of the highly valued Dignity staff, stay longer than ten years.

    The boss has over two million in his pension pot and a substantial number of shares to add to his £5,000 a week pay.

    They enjoyed the higher death rate in 2015, but fear a dip in 2016.

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