Child Funeral Charity now taking referrals

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Kevin Tomes, Trustee; Anne Barber, Trustee; Bel Mooney; Mary Tomes, Trustee; Roger Gale, CEO

The Child Funeral Charity is now considering referrals from professionals within the bereavement industry who will be able to put forward details of any family who they believe needs help to cover the costs of a baby or child’s funeral. Once approved by the trustees, CFC will donate up to £700 per family, with the money being paid directly to the relevant suppliers.

Roger Gale, ceo of CFC, says: “The Child Funeral Charity was created because we saw how challenging parents often found it to successfully apply for the Government’s social fund to allow low income families assistance to pay for funeral costs. We do not think it is right that, when faced with the loss of a child, a family suddenly has to worry about how to pay for the funeral.  We hope we will be able to move forward quickly and help each parent during their personal journey of grief.”

You can find the referral form here

CFC needs to fundraise in order to support parents who have lost a baby or a child. Please support CFC in any way you can. Click here

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