The only way is ethics

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In the Guardian, Niall Booker, head of the Co-op bank, writes:

We got ourselves into a mess … That’s why this week we will be asking our customers for their views on our ethical policy and wider values. Refreshing our existing ethical framework and also asking about three new areas – responsible banking, transparency and treating customers fairly. Our customers can help us define the kind of bank we want to be. We will reinject that pioneering spirit into banking with fresh values and ethics. After our consultation we will produce a new ethical policy. We will develop products and services that bring our ethics to life in a sustainable way. And we will stand up, once again, for what we and our customers believe in.

Lucky bank customers. What about some of the same for Funeralcare customers, Mr Tinning?


  1. Charles

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could take a single word of this complete and utter condescending bollocks and find a solitary atom of truth in it?


  2. Charles

    Have our industrialists so so totally lost their moral compass that they need to ask customers what is fair, what is ethical, and just how they want to be treated?
    In David Ogilvy’s words, (loosely quoted) ‘there is no such thing as a customer, there is only your wife’.
    ‘Our customers told us ………… ‘ is a poor substitute for ‘we know how to be fair, and here it is ….. ‘

  3. Charles

    forget the ethics and all of the mumbo jumbo/corporate speak b**l**i* and get some highly experienced City trained people in to run your Bank, Sir

    when you’ve dealt with all of that, you can return to the nice and cosy meaningless ethics etc etc

    yours (permanently frustrated)


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