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The Memorial Awareness Board (MAB) invites you to commemorate the centenary year of the First World War with a national photography competition

Launch date is on the 30th May with entries closing on 31st July, with the winner to be announced on 1st September.

Now in its fifth year, this critically acclaimed competition calls on novices and professional photographers alike, to capture the beauty of stone memorials from the past and the present.

This year’s theme commemorates the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War and invites photographers to feature memorials which best represent their understanding of the First World War. With the chance to win a £1,000 entrants must send in one photograph accompanied by 50 words, which explain the reasoning behind their choice of image.

Originally founded in 1984, the Memorial Awareness Board is a leading industry body which campaigns for the continuance and importance of memorialization. Campaigns are focused on the upkeep and protection of UK cemeteries and also support UK stonemasons, by providing a hub of information for the general public, academics, local government and the media on the benefits and beauty of stone memorials.

For more information on the Memorial Awareness Board (MAB) and how to enter the competition along with Terms and Conditions please visit:

You can also become a fan on Facebook:




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