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“In the UK, the size and number of cremators at a crematorium are selected to enable the ‘duty’ to be accomplished within a normal working day and so the cremator is used for about 8 hours per day and then shut down until the next day. This is not an energy-efficient way of working, and cultural practices have been allowed to dominate at the expense of efficiency.”

Mortonhall Investigation Report 30 April 2014

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Ken West

Charles, That sounds logical but efficiency is far worse than suggested. Many crematoria have two, three or even four cremators. The crematoria have quiet days, particularly midweek as Friday fills up before the weekend and Monday takes those not able to get in by Friday. Cremator no.1 may do six cremations, but cremator no. 2 will handle the overspill, perhaps one cremation, or two. It will operate for three hours at best. Large numbers of cremators do one cremation each day, and use more gas to pre-heat the cremator than they do for the actual cremation. The only way to… Read more »