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Poppy Mardall is looking for her young company’s third full-time employee.

Her fresh approach to the business of funerals makes this a job more suitable, perhaps, for someone outside the industry. But she is very open to applications from those within it who feel that her philosophy is also their philosophy.

She says:

This is an exciting opportunity to become a major part of growing a small company with big ambitions. As our third full time employee, you will be in an excellent position to progress as the company grows. You will be based at Poppy’s office in Tooting, but will
frequently be: meeting families at home, running funerals, at the mortuary and out and about getting things done. Like Isabel and Poppy, you will do whatever needs doing. Standard hours: 8am-5pm but expectation to work flexibly, and beyond these hours if
necessary. Full training will be given, and support and guidance whenever needed.

If you’d like to know more, you can download the full job description here: POPPY’S Co-ordinator Job Description


  1. Charles

    Congratulations! A third team member is a big step. From past experience, I would say it’s easier to find a nice person and train them than take on someone already in the industry. The barriers and habits are often hard to break..

    If I may Charles, we are currently looking for someone to join us at our three, (soon to be four) locations in Fleet, Aldershot and Sandhurst. Anyone too far away from Poppy is welcome to get in touch.

    1. Charles

      Hello David

      I am currently in Dubai but returning to the UK in a couple of weeks and I am looking for a complete career change. I have in my career been very customer focused and as you say ‘a nice person’ willing and very kean to learn and retrain for the right opportunity. If you would consider my interest please don’t hesitate to contact me further. I have no commitments to consider so I am willing to relocate anywhere within the UK.

      Kindest Regards
      Gail Adams

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