In court today, the talented Mr Sage

Charles Cowling

At Blackfriars Crown Court today:

Screenshot 2014-04-28 at 19


Anyone there? All reports welcome.



4 thoughts on “In court today, the talented Mr Sage

  1. Charles Cowling
    David Holmes

    You are a very funny man Charles.

    As all of us who work in the business of death know, you can only put-off the day of reckoning for so long..

    Charles Cowling
  2. Charles Cowling
    Charles Cowling

    Latest news (on good authority): Sage was granted an adjournment, but I can’t find out on what grounds (it’s usually his heart, the least sensitive organ in his body). Justice will be resumed at Blackfriars Crown Court in October — the 28th, I think.

    Charles Cowling
  3. Charles Cowling
    Charles Cowling

    You don’t know what happened in court, do you, Chris?

    Thank you for the new new name. I wonder if he’s claiming kin with Hans Christian Andersen, the famous storyteller?

    Charles Cowling
  4. Charles Cowling

    just had a recorded phone call with him today and caught him out i asked for his name and he is using Mark Gerald Anderson and claims to be the owner

    Charles Cowling

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