Eulogy clincher

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One for you celebrants.

US Methodist minister Talbot Davis has written an open letter to fellow pastors on his blog urging them to make a better fist of funerals. He offers lots of sound advice and concludes by urging them to use his favourite line:

“[The deceased] is more alive now than they have ever been before.” 

Used at the end of a eulogy, he says, this goes down extremely well.

Tempted to try it?

(When I was a celebrant I had a favourite line. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.)

Greetings from the Isle of Portland, buffeted but unbowed.


  1. Charles

    Not tempted to try it, no. Nor tempted to read the blog of a minister with a favourite line to tag onto a eulogy.

    Sometimes I wonder if we’re not driving a bandwagon?

    1. Charles

      J – you say bandwagon, I say handcart.
      Favourite line – we’re all going in a handcart to hell, so stop your crying and sing as well (apologies to Joyce Grenfell)

  2. Charles

    Not at all tempted. Repelled, actually.

    I find his approach rather manipulative; he probably believes it to be a proper way to do his particular pastoring job.

    You pays your money …

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