Eulogy clincher

Charles Cowling



One for you celebrants.

US Methodist minister Talbot Davis has written an open letter to fellow pastors on his blog urging them to make a better fist of funerals. He offers lots of sound advice and concludes by urging them to use his favourite line:

“[The deceased] is more alive now than they have ever been before.” 

Used at the end of a eulogy, he says, this goes down extremely well.

Tempted to try it?

(When I was a celebrant I had a favourite line. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.)

Greetings from the Isle of Portland, buffeted but unbowed.

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Nick Potts
Nick Potts
7 years ago


Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
7 years ago

Not at all tempted. Repelled, actually.

I find his approach rather manipulative; he probably believes it to be a proper way to do his particular pastoring job.

You pays your money …

7 years ago

Not tempted to try it, no. Nor tempted to read the blog of a minister with a favourite line to tag onto a eulogy.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re not driving a bandwagon?

7 years ago
Reply to  Jonathan

J – you say bandwagon, I say handcart.
Favourite line – we’re all going in a handcart to hell, so stop your crying and sing as well (apologies to Joyce Grenfell)