‘Selfie’ at Mandela memorial service

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Posted by RR

Was it okay or beneath their dignity for Obama and Cameron to lean in to a selfie with the leader of Denmark (Kinnock’s daughter-in-law) at the memorial service of Nelson Mandela? Michele comes across best here, IMHO.


  1. Charles

    Does this picture not show that 2 of the worlds leaders are Celebrating a great Mans life, are they not human with feelings after all, I bet Nelson Mandela would be looking down asking what is all the fuss….
    and what is a selfie…

  2. Charles

    There is a broader context. People have been posting funeral selfies for some weeks now, prompting harrumphs in the media. It’s not a debate I thought readers would be particularly interested in. Well, it doesn’t interest me — all a bit frothy.

    If you’re interested in checking out a few, see here: http://selfiesatfunerals.tumblr.com/

    Type funeral selfies into google and see what folk have been saying.

  3. Charles

    Jonathan we could have some fun here, but has any one noticed the bloke behind the 3 amigo’s trying to his his face, a excellent caption here would be, I don’t want any part of this,

  4. Charles

    Were this story and the fake sign man just distractions? From what I saw of the service, it did look shambolic.

    Organising these huge state occasions is difficult – and frankly I believe we Brits are the worlds best at it.

  5. Charles

    There must be many long and tedious intervals at such occasions and , whilst they must have felt obliged to be present, there was little for them actually to do. President Obama gave materiel for a new generation of celebrants by quoting from Invictus but I’m not sue what David Cameron or the Danish PM thought of the event.
    As organisers, funeral directors should spare a thought for those who had to ensure President Obama could arrive in Johannesburg on time and to minimise the risks to his security. He is a class act and Jo’burg is a rough place.

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