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Richard Sage


Devotees of the above will be delighted to learn that he remains free and very much at large in all senses of the word. 

His trial was due to start at Blackfriars Crown Court yesterday, but he phoned in sick. Case postponed until June. 

There are times when the law looks like a sick joke. 

Update 04.12.2013: It seems that R Sage is pleading heart trouble (again). His trial has been re-scheduled for 28th April 2014 at Blackfriars Crown Court. 

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andrew plume
andrew plume
10 years ago

not good at all Charles

we have to accept that the powers that be need to be completely impartial and err, shall we say are prohibited from referring to ones ‘past convictions’ but all that has happened here is that said person is again free to continue his career (sic) as ‘a full time con man”



Mike Bond
Mike Bond
10 years ago

Heart trouble!!!! I’ll give the fat low life scum bag heart trouble when he see’s me sat in that court room looking at him in the dock!! The dates in my diary!!. . . . .I just want to see that man squirm and if there is any Justice in this Country I want the Joy of seeing him being led away and put back behind bars where he definitely belongs. Just had an idea, why don’t we fill a coach with all the people he has conned and stolen from and owes money to (like me) and have a… Read more »

David Holmes
10 years ago

Heart trouble. Is it certain he actually has one?

Mike Bond
Mike Bond
10 years ago

I’m so going to enjoy sitting in the public gallery watching the fat slob in the dock. . . . I pray the Judge says these wonderful words “take him down”. would be good to see other there who his has ripped off over the years too!