Richard Mark Sage

Charles 3 Comments

Richard Mark Sage, also known as Mark Kerbey, until recently the owner of the Mary Mayer Funeral Home, Southend-on-Sea, is due back in Blackfriars Crown Court to answer a charge of fraud by misrepresentation on 2 December. He is presently on bail. 

Anyone seeking redress against this man should contact the police now. 

If you have any information about the case, please tell us.

An anxiety has to be the fate of the money Sage has taken for funeral plans. 


    1. Charles

      hes using mark gerald anderson now as name claiming to be owner of MAYER FUNERAL HOME 94 Bridgwater Drive
      SS0 0DH

  1. Charles

    Richard Sage rented a flat from me, he of course paid his rent, you have guessed it the cheques always bounced………….he left a trail of debt in Manchester, and still owes me £4000

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