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Mickey, Cormac and Cathal Mac Connell at the funeral of their brother, Seán Mac Connell

When my father died
The professionals cried,
The undertaker and doctor.
Little more need be said
Of a man with a heart of gold
Locked in a tabernacle of arthritic bones
who could melt stones… with his words.
Who loved children and dogs.
Deep lakes and cotton covered bogs.
Ballads dropped from his lips
And a mercury brain generated
Quips worthy of the best.
For that he was.
The best.

Written by the former Agricultural Correspondent of The Irish Times Seán Mac Connell and read at his funeral. 



  1. Charles

    Just lovely. Cathal Mac Connell, as y’all may know already, is one of the finest traditional Irish flute players and singers you could hope to hear, and a founder member of The Boys of the Lough, along with Aly Bain.A modest superstar in his field.

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