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When the GFG first pressed its impertinent urchin nose to the window of Funeralworld and started commenting on what went on, responses from the inhabitants were predictably growly. Unaccustomed to consumer scrutiny, and holding themselves in a somewhat tender self-regard, many undertakers muttered reproachfully. Well, sorry, but consumer scrutiny is what you get in any market; and as for funerals, they belong to all of us. 

When we announced the first-ever Good Funeral Awards last year we didn’t kid ourselves about how our Just-William initiative would be received. The cheek! Who in heaven’s name were we to go around bestowing Oscars on the Dismal Trade’s finest? 

The outcome was a glittering evening filmed by Sky. One of the winners, together with a speaker at the festival, were interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live. All the winners got coverage in their local media. When our gravedigger of the year, Bernard Underdown (Dickens himself could not have dreamed up a better surname), went to church the following Sunday he got a standing ovation from the congregation. 

Verdict: the urchins are actually rather well-informed observers and they did a pretty good job of making the world a happier place. 

Which is why we did it, dammit. And it’s why we are doing it again. 

Because, for all that it’s a fun event, it is also a very serious one. It’s fun, but it’s not frivolous. 

Some of the best and nicest people in Britain work in the funeral industry. Someone needs to tell their stories.  

And if the result is media coverage, better understanding of a much-misunderstood industry and greater engagement with dying and death, that’s a result. 

Whether you can come or not, please, please nominate someone you know and admire for an award. You can do that here

Most Promising New Funeral Director

Embalmer of the Year

The Eternal Slumber Award for Coffin Supplier of the Year

Most Significant Contribution to the Understanding of Death

Crematorium Attendant of the Year

Best Internet Bereavement Resource

The Blossom d’Amour Award For Funeral Floristry

Funeral Celebrant of the Year

Cemetery of the Year Award

Gravedigger of the Year

Best Funeral Arranger

The Bereavement Register

Funeral Director of the Year

Best Alternative to a Hearse

Green Funeral Director of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

We very much hope you will be able to come. You can book here.

Lastly, you can watch the documentary about last year’s awards on 18 July at 8.30 on Sky1 Details here


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