Dignity and impudence

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I get a lot of email that goes straight into the cyberrecycling bin. This, though, possibly warrants a response. 

Hello Charles, 

How are you? I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. My name’s Izabela and I work for a digital marketing company called Greenlight helping to spread awareness about Age UK. As you blog is entirely devoted to Funeral Planning, I was thinking you may be interested in the information about the Age UK funeral plans  www.ageuk.org.uk/products/products/financial-products–services/funeral-plan/ 

I thought that could be something potentially  interesting for your readers and perhaps you can find this information useful in the future when creating new content. 

Let me know I you have any questions. 

Kind regards 

Izabela Kawecka

Lifestyle Outreach Specialist | Greenlight


  1. Charles

    Hello Izabela

    I’m fine thank you. How are you? I like people getting in touch, so that’s fine. Thank you for telling me your name, I wouldn’t have thought to look at the bottom of your e-mail for that, so it’s much appreciated. I researched your company, which I believe is just called Greenlight, rather than Greenlight helping to spread awareness about Age UK. Me blog, which me write, is not exactly devoted to Funeral Planning, or funeral planning for that matter, although you are correct that there is an element of that subject within the website. I am however interested in the link you have sent.

    That is indeed interesting to my readers. The potential is huge, and I would expect a barrage of abuse to be hurled this way in the not-too-distant future. Just as an example of something I would expect to be picked up, in the FAQ section of the website, the question “Can I choose my Funeral Director” is posed. The answer is somewhat long-winded and evades the question. Perhaps a simple “No” would be more honest. I have, as you can see, already found “…this information useful … when creating new content.”

    Let me know I you have any questions?

    1. Charles

      Dear Mr Hickson

      Please don’t wait until you die before taking advantage of this unrepeatable offer – I can offer you a price, at 42% above current market values, for your soul which, as you may be aware, will only decrease in value as you Age.

      Yours sincerely

      The Devil

  2. Charles


    I haven’t bothered, Izabela, to read all of the blurb


    it’s commonly understood that this is nothing other than a funeral plan with Dignity, only, and that one’s choice of a F/D is available but only if it’s a Dignity run business (and Dignity are mentioned…….)

    and as has been commented on, on here in the past, should a reputable Charity such as Age UK be 100% “in bed” with such a Corporate, particularly when it’s completely accepted that Independent firm’s are way way cheaper than Dignity?

    my gripe with Age UK’s blurb is that the elderly and near elderly rightly believe that Age is a trusted operator (and will I am sure go along with their suggestions), the trouble is, is that Dignity’s charges are not overly beneficial to the customer. It’s entirely inappropriate that Dignity get such promotional backing from Age. That’s my few Euros worth, fwiw



  3. Charles

    I think this was discussed on the blog. https://www.goodfuneralguide.co.uk/2012/11/piece-of-mind-for-the-man-with-the-plan/
    The whole funeral plan market feels a bit ‘sub prime’ to an outsider… If more and more people are buying plans now, then they won’t be buying them in 10 years time… How will Dignity meet that demand – is there somewhere secret, extra safe and attracting super high interest that nobody else knows about, somewhere that will grow the investment above inflation…and keep pace with Dignity’s own already above inflation price hikes? In fact all but one on this plan are already below the cost of Dignity’s basic funeral…currently £3400 I believe. It’s a bit of a mystery…. Or is it?

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