Maggie ding-dong spreads to the dead

Charles 3 Comments


Here’s an exchange between readers in the comments column of this article in the Guardian: 


@MMTRocks – Thatcher was elected because the country could see the chaos and corruption of Scargill and the Left. That is a fact. Can you even begin to imagine where this country would have been? Do you honestly think the mines would still be open? The Labour councils could not even bury our dead. And now you suggest an end to free-market economics. Please let us know of a successful working model so we can see how it’s done.


@brijl92 – Clearly you haven’t buried any of your dead lately. In strike-free Britain, in a Tory run area, it took me a fortnight to do so!
And that was pretty standard.
In our area of France, you know, that lefty dysfunctional state the Tories love to hate …. 3 to 4 days.


Hat-tip to Kathryn Edwards


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10 years ago

Northern Ireland. 2-3days. Nothing to do with right or left, just the culture in England and the way fd’s sometimes work and accessibility at crems…

David Holmes
10 years ago

Poor Maggie! No-one deserves the vitriol heaped on her ‘twixt death and cremation. It’s just not decent. Not British.

10 years ago

Here, hear, David. The hate that’s erupted at the death of a senile old lady who governed a quarter century ago is shameful. We must remember, though, that it’s the antics of a handful of half-wits on the (thanks to Maggie) irrelevant ‘hard’ Left.