From the ashes of Winterwillow…

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Sad news for all fans of Winterwillow, the social enterprise of the WinterComfort charity for homeless people which enabled service users to develop basketweaving skills by making wicker coffins. The trustees have discontinued the project.

All is not lost. Roger Fowle, lead tutor on the project, has set up on his own.

Roger has three things going for him. First, he’s a lovely human being. Second, he’s a first-rate craftsperson. Third, he is very happy to have his customers join with him in making their coffin, doing what they feel comfortable to do — or just being there if they want. 

Roger has a got a rudimentary website up, which you can see here

You can ring him on: 07875 768 843

We hope that, if you are in a position to support Roger, you will. He is based in Fowlmere, a few miles south of Cambridge. 






  1. Charles

    I was sooooooo hoping that Roger would do something like this.

    If you are prepared to sell direct to the public Roger, we would be delighted to list your products on the NDC website, for free.

    Best of luck.

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