Fight to the death

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One of the things that’s changed is that ever so many people end up falling into the clutches of technology at the end of their lives. Something happens to them and the emergency response is to admit them to hospital – because the traditional view is that doctors are in a fight against death – that you have to ward off the evil death with everything you can.

But when death is coming, when it is inevitable, if you can actually help a person and a family to achieve a good death you’ve done a wonderful thing.

I think that there’s a lot of people who fear death. I don’t fear death at all, I just don’t. The idea for me of death is good, I can go to sleep. 

Dr Chris Abel, Islay

Watch it here.

Hat-tip: Mary Robson

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Lol Owen
Lol Owen
11 years ago

The keyword here is education. Educate yourself as to the possibilities, educate those responsible for you of the options and your choices, and educate the medical profession – not only in the possibilities, but to the fact the public have been made aware they exist.

andrew plume
andrew plume
11 years ago

this was a terrific doc, really good telly, the Doctor (above) on Islay came over really well


11 years ago

He was excellent – wonderful caring GP with a heart as well as a brain.