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Ronnie biggs


Yesterday’s Mail, among others, carried the pic, above, of Ronnie Biggs greeting the press at the funeral of fellow train robber Bruce Reynolds attended by the great and good of the criminal underworld. Check out the scene here

Bruce Reynolds’ son Nick, pictured below at the funeral, is a member of the Alabama Three whose song Woke Up This Morning is the title music to the Sopranos. There’s a neat symmetry there, perhaps.




You may recall that Nick is also a sculptor and specialist in death masks. We last brought you to his attention back in 2010 in this post, which describes the cast he took of a freshly executed prisoner in the US. Don’t just glide over that link and pass on. Check it out. It’s an extraordinary story. Here it is again

Nick is one of the essayists in the latest Natural Death Handbook and a friend of its compiler, Rupert Callender, whom Nick has appointed official undertaker to the ‘Bamas. 

Now check out that Nick story.



 Ronnie in happier times

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10 years ago

Love the Sopranos. Hate real gangsters. Too chirpy.

andrew plume
andrew plume
10 years ago

good stuff Charles

and as usual, as per last year’s Richardson funeral, the great and good of the past criminal fraternity duly turned out to include one Chris Lambrianou (an ex-Kray enforcer), a regular guest at these bashes

good to see that Leverton’s were instructed for this one, good sound people imo