A glass of Grim Reaper?

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The Urban Dictionary (strapline: The Dictionary you wrote) is great place for the gross, the ghastly and the newly minted.

It’s for people who speak ‘urban’ and the definitions reflect their preferences and predilections. For example there is no definition of the word morning because:

the type of people who speak ‘urban’ do not know what morning is.

“Now that I’ve got a job I’ve got to get up in THE MORNING.”
“Morning? What the hell’s that?”

Dead is defined very simply:

1. dead
 Britney Spear’s career – Wow britney spears sucks

 Dead images: These dudes are dead.

2. dead
 Something that is no longer living and can now be kicked – Yep it’s dead! *Kicks it*

You can buy this as a teatowel on Etsy
You can buy this as a teatowel on Etsy

And did you know the Grim Reaper was also a cocktail? Me neither:

5. Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper is a cocktail made with equal parts vodka, gin, tequila and cask wine. The mix is traditionally made with Mishka, Gordon’s, 125 and Fruity Lexia respectively. The ingredients are known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The spirits are meant to be the cheapest possible in order to replicate the authenticity of the Grim Reaper. Variations upon this formula include the Fancy Reaper (expensive spirits and wine), the Bloody Reaper (substitute white goon with red) and the Grim Suicide (3 full bottles in a cask of wine).

The side effects are not well documented, with reports of dizziness, memory loss, feelings of grimness, random acts of extreme violence, unwitting transportation across state borders, death, irate messages and grand larceny.

It is believed that these ingredients are the basis for the drug PCP, weed killer and embalming fluid.

The controversy associated with the Grim is the inability to refuse once the beverage is suggested. Despite the danger, this can lead to a Double Grim and in rare cases a Triple Grim: some claim that Sid Vicious did 7 Grim Reapers before his death, however the evidence is unsubstantiated.

They should certainly be serving Grim Reapers in the bar at this years National Funeral Exhibition at Stoneleigh in June, don’t you think?


  1. Charles

    Thanks, Vale. Must try a Grim Reaper this weekend. A toast to Ma on Motheirng Sunday, perhaps.

    Back to the word, dead. ‘It’s dead cool’ is an odd usage.

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