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There’s a leaflet circulating in Southend-on-Sea and environs advising the populace to have nothing to do with the Mary Mayer Funeral Home.

What, you ask, has Ms Mary Mayer done to deserve this? She would seem to be both blameless and admirable — an idealist, even:  

Our founder Mary Mayer, a nurse of long standing, felt that the funeral service profession had become an impersonal big business; large groups had formed buying up the traditional family funeral directors known for their personal care and trust by generations of families and turning them into large, money making giants concerned on profits and not families.

Go Mary!

We found this short biog at Duedil:

Mary Mayer is British and was born in 1954. Her first directorship was in 2012 with Mayer Funeral Home Ltd – she was 57 years old at the time. Mayer Funeral Home Ltd is her most recent non-secretarial directorship where she holds the position of “Nurse”. The company was established 2012.

Well, it seems that no one has ever seen Mary. What they have seen instead is the not inconsiderable bulk of a scamp called Richard Sage, a man who, an investigative journalist once observed to us, “would rather make a bent 99p than an honest pound.” The blog has covered some of Richard’s mischiefmaking here

When he did a runner from Burnley we put the Dispatches TV people onto his trail. They set an ex-News of the World hound to track him down but the old bugger had vanished. It’s a trick he’s picked up. 

We heard he’d resurfaced under this Mayer moniker shortly after he opened his doors, promising that this time he really had learned his lesson. He even gave himself a new name: Mark Kerbey. We set the ITV undercover people onto him, warning them that if he got a whiff of who they really were he’d be off into the ether like that. They rocked up at Ms Mayer’s establishment with hidden cameras and air of innocence — but Richard had whiffed them. They came empty away. 

We’d reckoned that exposure on prime time TV would be the most effective way of getting rid of him once and for all — more effective than writing about him on this blog. It was not to be. So we rang the local paper and urged them to get onto the story in the public interest. We chatted to influential people in the area and agreed to keep quiet for the time being while steps were taken. 

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. Whoever is putting that leaflet about is doing good work. 

Postscript: Ben Anderson, the man behind the ITV exposé of malpractice at Gillman’s, is on Panorama on Thursday reporting from Helmand. 




  1. Charles

    Well behind you with support. When I wanted to also undertake human funerals, as well as pets; I was threatened with my life, by two big funeral homes, near me. Shocking. So, I just stick to undertaking pet funerals, for my own safety.

  2. Charles



    I’d seen this site a few months ago

    The ‘testimonials page’ on the website is interesting stuff indeed, yes, very interesting………………..to me, they appear to all have been written by the same person, same style throughout etc etc

    given his past, I do not consider that I am exposing myself to potential litigation here



    1. Charles

      I concur! I have experienced Richard Mark Sage many times reassuring families on the phone about how ‘mum’. Or. ‘dad’ will be looked after…these terms echoed in the testimonials. The self help book reading fraudster is a great confidence trickster. I would tell you how he undermines employees, shouting and bullying anyone smaller than him…well!
      I would fear litigation but I don’t think Mr. Kerbey is interested in my musings…If he did happen upon this, I know you have a caring side…helping young boys with their rent. It’s not only prized pooch A-dog but many others on the gaydar.com. That get treated to the lavish lifestyle poor families are still struggling to pay for!

  3. Charles

    well well well, my old friend and colleague mr sage is back and about, might go pay him a visit and see what he has to say about what he has done to me, might be all nicey nicey with him gain his trust yet again and then see what he has to say

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