Positively the end

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“Most of us do not want to talk about [drawing up an advance directive]. Is it up to our doctors to bring this up only in a crisis situation? Shouldn’t we be informed about our health care options, even when healthy, and especially when we have a chronic or terminal illness, and to discuss these with our doctors and family?

“My hope is that we can overcome our fears of losing loved ones, and of them losing us. These conversations can be the best gift of love we can provide to those who are close to us.

“My goal is to read my advance directive on my birthday as a celebration of life, of my taking responsibility for myself and not leaving it to others.

“There is no right or wrong answer here. You make your choice, I have made mine.”

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  1. Charles

    The Natural Death Centre’s advance decision forms are really clear and easy to understand. In the packs we also include death plan forms and funeral wishes forms.

    You can order them on our website http://www.naturaldeath.org.uk

    The most important advice we always give is communication. It absolutely no good having made decisions and a will etc and no one knowing they exist until maybe it is too late and the wrong arrangements have been made.

    Tell everyone.

  2. Charles

    Well, it is a fact that death is something that we do not really like to think of, much more talk about among our family members. But since it is a reality that can come anytime, I believe it is an issue that we should start treating just like any common occurrence in life. And with that, we can think about it more positively and can even be more prepared for it.

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