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Continuing today’s hearse theme: 

Parked opposite the biggest state hospital in the region are a few odd-looking, modified vehicles with a prominent stage and a decorative dome above. They are equipped with steps, stretchers and chairs and are marked with philosophical quotes like “towards the creator bidding adieu to creation”.

A player in the funerary business said the idea struck him during one of the funeral services when saw the carriers of a catafalque dropping the dead body over a trivial issue and fought in the street. “The dead should be venerated and the incident pained me a lot. So I designed one of the mortuary vans as a chariot,” he said.

“There is a huge demand for these vehicles, especially in the city outskirts and in the neighbouring villages where people want to make the funerals a grand event.”

“We ensure that the dead body reaches the funeral grounds and don’t bother about the petty quarrels or fights en route. A motorised vehicle is a much better choice than a makeshift catafalque since we don’t abandon the vehicle over petty quarrels which are common during funerals. We are after all involved in the noble service of ferrying the departed,” says the driver of one such chariot.

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Answer and full story here. Sorry, no pic available. 



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