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Extraordinary communiqué from Sir Basil Batesville-Caskett Bt, CDM, RLSS (Bronze)

I have just been handed a note. It reads: 

Yo Bazza

Hey, about that week’s holiday you’ve been promising me. Well, I’m taking it. I’ve gone to the seaside with my lovely missus. See ya next Monday!

Blog-ed x x

I of course apologise to readers for the interruption in service brought about by this deplorable dereliction of duty. We may talk of holidays here at the GFG-Batesville Shard, but we most emphatically do not take them. 

I have every hope that a chap called Richard Rawlinson and a fella known as Vole may attempt to sail a jury-rigged blog through the next seven days. 

Please be assured that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible — ie, after we have interviewed suitable candidates. 

This is the most infuriation I have endured since Mrs Mollington upped and died on us.



  1. Charles

    Yo Baz, I hope Chaz is enjoying the seaside.

    An intact mermaid’s skeleton is a rare thing indeed. A friend of mine has a horse’s skull on his wall, only moulded onto it is a tea-stained plaster cast of a unicon’s horn. It looks totally, wonderfully and disconcertingly realistic.

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