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We think you’ll agree with us that is a Very Good Thing.

It’s downloadable software that enables you, using the little camera in your computer screen, to record your thoughts about your life, and other things besides, for your children, partner, family, you name it.

The creators especially had children in mind, because children can go through life with all sorts of unresolved questions about a dead parent — the sorts of questions which never go away and prevent them from living fully. One child said:

“Particularly after long illness followed by such family sadness, I had significant feelings of guilt about feeling happy in later life. Permission from him directly would have been really good.”

Another said:

“I felt that without my mum’s advice, we were somehow betraying her by accepting future relationships especially when dad found a future wife years later.”

Another said:

“I just want to see and hear her say she loves me, once more.”

So the RecordMeNow researchers interviewed more than 100 volunteers who had lost one or both parents before the age of 16:

They were asked a series of questions regarding their loss, their prior knowledge and their subsequent educational, social  and professional development. They were also asked what questions they wished they could have had answered about or by the parent who died. 

Using the RecordMeNow app, you work your way through these questions and create a DVD. 

RecordMeNow is a nonprofit founded by some incredibly nice, bright people. Do check it out. 



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8 years ago


Fran Hall
8 years ago

This is awesome – everyone should do it!

gloria mundi
8 years ago

Isn’t it wonderful that so many highly experienced and well-trained people should do this for nothing? Just wonderful. And – I haven’t explored it properly yet – maybe not just in case of dying young and leaving young children. Maybe for anyone to leave some collected thoughts behind.

Colin Moore
8 years ago

Absolutely brilliant and it is non-profit making as well.

Ru Callender
8 years ago

At last, something from the web bereavement tsunami that is truly brilliant!
GFG excepted of course…