My Father’s House

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Awdri and Allan Doyle are funeral directors in Galashiels. Their new business has been open for just a year. You can read what we think of them here

When Awdri’s Dad died in October, Awdri wanted Amazing Grace at the funeral — the tune rather than the words. She says, “Some hymn tunes are lovely but does anybody actually understand what they are singing or do they just go through the motions?”

So she’s written her own words and she has offered them to you. Do use them if you’d like — and if you do, let her know, perhaps. 


My Father’s House


My Father’s house has many rooms,

Enough for you and me.

Believe in God, He loves us so,

He comes to take us home.


We know not how, or where and when,

The path He has prepared.

Trust in our God, He loves us so,

He comes to take us home.


He is the way, the truth, the life,

To our Father He will lead.

There is no way, except through Him,

He comes to take us home.


As we proceed to journey home,

To him give thanks and praise.

He welcomes us with open arms

“My child, you’re safely home”.


Now home at last where we belong,

Within our Father’s house.

To Father, Son and Holy Ghost

You came to take me home.


Tune: Amazing Grace (New Britain)


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