Just walking the dead

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Posted by Richard Rawlinson

When David Bowie is on good form, he’s darn good. As a childhood fan, I was pleased to read rave reviews of his new album, The Next Day, marking a return, aged 66, from a decade of semi-retired obscurity in which the cigarette-puffing, ex-coke sniffer suffered bouts of ill health. His new single, Where Are We Now?, is a contemplative ballad, harking back to his Berlin glory days, which we were reminded of when his 1970s hit Heroes was played at the Olympics ceremony (the man himself declined an offer to perform live there).
This melancholy new single includes a lyric about ‘walking the dead’ (my tenuous link to submit it to GFG) through the streets of Berlin. Bowie describes himself as ‘a man lost in time’ but it’s a reminder that your time isn’t up until it’s up. Bowie has creative juices left which he needs to express. Ad multos annos.  


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