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As Sean Eddleston lay dying he told his partner, Sharon Grant, that he wanted her never to date anyone else. Since then, his ghost has frightened off every one of her suitors. The Sun newspaper takes up the story:

Five years since Sean’s death, Sharon, now 44, claims to have had three relationships dashed by her ex appearing from beyond the grave to give her fellas the frights of their lives.

She says he PULLED the hair of one lover, PINNED her to the bed so she couldn’t get up and answer the door to the same fella — and even APPEARED next to him on the sofa.

Sharon is now coming to terms with the fact Sean may always interfere in her relationships.

She says: “A friend of mine told me to get my place exorcised but I’m not sure I want to. Although Sean has been a pain, I do like having him around. A part of him is still here and I find that comforting.

“Some nights I’ll sit down on my own in the front room and chat to him. I know he’s there, I can feel his presence. I was never interested in ghosts and ghouls before Sean died and had no opinion on whether they existed. Now I know they do.

“I tell Sean I need that physical relationship with another man but it doesn’t mean I don’t still love him. I can be there for hours just chatting. I only hope Sean is listening.

“But he needs to let me get on with my life.”

Full story in The Sun here


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