A Giving Tribute For Lasting Memories

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ED’S NOTE – Right back when A Giving Tribute was nobbut a concept, we loved the idea. Since those early days its creator, Liz Mowatt, has developed, trimmed and simplified her offer. She has persevered with the sort of grit and tenacity you’ve got to take your hat off to. We asked her for an update. Here it is. 

We offer something completely unique in the funeral industry – Tribute Cards that can be displayed at the funeral in a similar way to funeral flowers and kept afterwards in a memory book.  

Following our soft launch last year we asked for feedback from funeral directors who had used our service and those that hadn’t yet.  The consensus of opinion was that it was a lovely idea but that the website was proving to be a barrier.  At the same time we ran a focus group  to get the views of the general public.  Having listened to the feedback, we implemented some major changes to our website including the removal of the obituary and streamlining the process of adding a funeral.  Because we appreciate that funeral directors are so busy, adding a funeral now takes just a few minutes with only basic information required (we’ll even do it for you if necessary); in fact it’s now so easy, the bereaved family may do it themselves if they wish!  To offer our service, you need only add your company name and address on www.agivingtribute.com and we will send you a supply of free leaflets or call us on  01252 416516.

Our website now quite clearly shows what we are all about – capturing memories forever.  More and more bereaved families and their friends, want to celebrate the life of the deceased and our service does exactly that.  When a funeral is added to our system, it will show the funeral director’s details, the funeral locations and the name and URL of any nominated charity so that mourners may donate directly, removing some of the responsibility of handling donations.

What’s truly wonderful is the difference that having personal tributes makes to the family, who cherish them forever.  The tributes are tangible, families can sit a child on their knee and share the memories.  Families are telling their funeral director that they want to use our service and people are putting it in their final wishes documentation.  People who see the tributes displayed at the funeral come away talking about how wonderful they were and what a beautiful funeral it was.

We are always happy to answer any questions that you might have and so too is ‘Live Chat Sam’, a real person who can give help and advice onscreen on our website.  

If you haven’t yet taken a look, please do! 

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