Death by Joy

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DEATH BY JOY is an escorted journey to the next world. Your guide is Mary, a quirky, selfless, funny, and irrepressible fifty-five-year-old who is told she will be dead in weeks without aggressive medical intervention.

But Mary chooses to forgo that route. The physical has a time and place; what matters more to Mary is that essence—call it awareness, spirit, soul, inner being—that she believes carries into the life beyond.

And so Mary embarks on a clear-headed quest for the true meaning of healing. Her joyful and startling discoveries can change profoundly your understanding of life, healing, and death.

This is a provocative look at a passionate journey; a tale of warmth, laughter, and music; a sharing in the fascinating visions of Mary’s travels across the “borderline.” It is an embracement of death, not steeped in sadness for what is to be lost but illuminated with the joy of what can be found.

Yet the path of epic journeys is seldom straight or free of struggle, a truth Mary experiences as she confronts the chilling reality of her shocking past.

Ultimately, DEATH BY JOY is a film about a great paradox: Can Mary survive long enough to be healed before she dies?

We think this looks very interesting. Website here. Trailer here. RECOMMENDED. 


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