No easy day for Special Force Black

Charles 4 Comments


To Hereford for the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Guild Of Outstanding Funeral Staff, an invitation-only body of elite funeral service professionals dedicated to restoring rigour to funerals. The Guild stands in opposition to what it identifies as the ‘beeline to blandness’ being pursued by funeral directors and celebrants in response to consumer calls for celebration-of-life funerals, which the Guild disparages as ‘nothing but grief-bypass therapy’. 

We enjoyed a short film from their training programme for funeral celebrants showing the correct way to arrive at a crematorium. It cannot be embedded for technical reasons beyond our comprehension, but you can see it here

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11 years ago

This is a good example of how to slip a rogue cremations into the weekend, when most crematoria have closed their doors. How much more fun to be had operating under cover.
And …… garotte.

Charles Cowling
11 years ago

I love that garotting.

Allistair Anderson
Allistair Anderson
10 years ago

I feel such a fool, I’ve been doing it wrong for all these years !

10 years ago

I’m sorry, Allistair, but I’m afraid you have. Rocking up, daydreaming, on your bike the way you do — it just doesn’t cut it.