Nearing the End of Life

Charles 2 Comments

If you’ve never seen this little booklet you’ve missed something. It’s a brilliant, brief, warm, intelligent and helpful guide for anyone looking after a dying person — the sorts of things they might expect to have to cope with. 

The contents contain insights into how a dying person may be feeling; how to talk about what’s happening with the dying person and how to listen to them; what the dying process looks like; end of life experiences…

You can download and read it for yourself free, online, here

You can buy the just-out Kindle version here

Highly recommended. 


  1. Charles

    This is just the most perfect guide that I’ve come across.

    It’s full of personal stories, life experiences (if that’s the right description!) and well put together pragmatice and emotional advice.

    Sometimes we have to read something so that we’re ready for the experience – even though we might now know when that experience will come!………This is one of those necessary reads!

    Well done

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