In Memory

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Andras Schram, the maker, says: 7 years ago I lost my grand father, I was unable to make it to his funeral as I was travelling. The first moment I had a chance I visited his grave. It was late fall in Hungary and as I looked around I saw how beautiful the light was in the cemetery..I wondered deeper and deeper and started taking photos. I made this slideshow than but never shared it to just a select few. I have than lost the photos for a long time and found them recently, since than my grand mother has joined with my grand father and I am dedicating this slideshow to them.

I found the head stones, the cemetery to be a book about stories never told, just a few names a few sculptures, yet after taking over a thousand photos the stories started to come alive and I in an interesting way found peace in this place.

The music is from Nawang Kechog, from the album “Music as Medicine” Nawang is an incredible artist and I could not find any other music that would compliment these photos in such an incredible way!


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