Double standards?

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There’s a very characteristic Daily Mail story in, of all places, today’s Daily Mail.

It describes outrage in the environs of Wisbech concerning the ‘floral tributes’ which adorned the funeral of a notably industrious armed robber, Thomas Curtis. One of the tributes, above, took the form of an ATM machine of the sort that Mr Curtis was wont to rip untimely from all sorts of premises. The screen is from one of his spoils. 

It’s worth order cialis from mexico surveying the other tributes here and in the Sun here

Perhaps it’s a matter of relative status, but Mr Curtis’s flowery accolades have not been accorded the dispassionate treatment accorded to those which adorned the funeral of Charlie Richardson. One of them, you recall, commemorated the the black, handle-driven World War Two army generator with which Charlie electrocuted his victims, below:


  1. Charles

    Hi Charles,

    There’s mention of double standards within the piece. Are we talking the newspapers reporting it, the florist making the flowers?
    Robbery of any kind is certainly not cool but as an eastender born and bred I have lived among and are used to heating about robbers.
    With little education among so many in deprived areas and families to support, for many it was a quick and not always easy way. Boxing was also a way out for many, no need for exam results and enabling food on tables and clothes on backs.

    I have to admit it’s a fantastic, creative, floral tribute. A gem for Funeography if if commissioned.

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