There should be a regulation against it

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In the event, there wasn’t a lot of call for regulation of the funeral industry in the aftermath of the TV exposés of eyebrow-raising behind-the-scenes practices at branches of Funeral Partners Ltd, Co-operative Funeralcare and Dignity plc. 

There’ll always be those who want it, of course, and some of them work in the industry. But is regulation a panacea?

Below, there’s a newsclip from NBC highlighting recent industry malpractice in California.

Above, two YouTube clips showing Daniel Mandel’s hearse on fire after he sideswiped another vehicle. In the first, you can see him leaning against his hearse smoking a cigarette, hapless and, as it happens, drunk. Police managed to get the casket out before it was engulfed. It contained the body of a holocaust victim.

It looks as if regulation may fall a long way short of a panacea.


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