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This blog tends as a rule towards seemly and proper self-deprecation, but we hope you’ll forgive us if we sound a short, breathy toot on our own trumpet.

There’s a great deal of interest in death these days. Funerals, to be precise. We’ve lost count of the calls we’ve had from TV production companies in particular. Today we even had a call from a well-known field sports magazine. 

We’ve also lost track of what we’ve said to who (okay, whom, Jonathan) and what might have become of it. So it’s been very gratifying to receive thanks from people who have received publicity for what they do following a tip-off from the GFG-Batesville Shard. 

We are aware that our website is becoming fertile research ground, and  our blog is watched by story-hungry newspapers. In the month of September, our website scored 68,850 hits. 

If you are of an opinionated or writerly disposition, our blog is open house to all shades of opinion. Send it in!

If you are a funeral director besieged by calls, we apologise. At least it’s good news stories they’re all after, now.

Latest news on the Good Funeral Awards documentary being made for Sky is that the big cheeses have seen the almost-complete film and like it very, very much. Transmission is scheduled for spring. 


  1. Charles

    Never mind “Parp,” young man, I’d think the ceremonial trumpeters of HM Royal Marines would be just about grand enough an accompaniment for what’s been achieved around here! Particularly with regard to your good news/bad news balance. Bad news is always so much easier to shout about, it seems that good news takes much more work and thought.

    Parp away.

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