Kicking the Bucket right around the corner

Charles Cowling


There’s already quite a buzz about the Kicking the Bucket Festival, which threads its way through the second half of this month. Barbara Chalmers tells us she’s coming all the way from Glasgow, so come on, you ought to be able to make it from wherever you are. There’s masses of good stuff on.

The KtB website is full of good info. If you’ve got a paper programme, please note that there are two errors:

Home Death  at the Pegasus theatre. The price is £6/5 not £20 as shown.

Marigolds & Ashes at the Friends Meeting house, booking through Oxford Playhouse should be priced at £12/£10 because this includes food too. “We can offer  a show ticket without food at £6/5 prices shown on the paper programme, but it is the full price if you have the meal.”

 Check out the full programme. It’s an immensely rich diet we are offered. Goodness only knows how anyone organises something of this scale. Hats off to Liz Rothschild!

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