Fit for a mariner’s ashes

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A delightful email arrives from Annie Leigh, who is Eco Urns. With it come some delicious photos of a bespoke ashes urn Annie has just made for a client. 

The client wanted an urn that could be ‘launched’ at sea. She wanted her husband’s ketch — and she wanted his favourite colour, blue. So Annie came up with the concept you see above — a globe of the earth as seen from space (lots of lovely blues), with the ketch on top. The idea is that the globe sinks… and the ketch takes its chances. 

As you may expect, there’s been some procrastinating in the matter of actually launching it. 

See Annie’s website here


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Poppy Mardall
9 years ago

So beautiful!

Gloria Mundi
Gloria Mundi
9 years ago

How lovely. Looks like a fine old boat, too.

Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards
9 years ago

Lovely work. Real service.